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                                       Upcoming Programs -  Rome
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For more than three thousand years,
Rome has been at the center of  Western Civilization.  From the ancient Foro Romano to the Trevi Fountain, to the fashionable Via Condotti, Rome has it all and displays it proudly.
       Travel dates: July 2-30.
       Cost: approximately $3,000, plus air,
                  tuition, and fees

Program Leaders 

Professor Nick Hoffman

          631 451-4770

          Professor Scott Giaccone

          631 451-4798


 LAW295 / BL51  -  International Law:
Study of International Law as the normative
  representation of the system of values common
  to all societies. The framework of this course
  will recognize that states are the principal
  actors in the legal system. The topics 
  addressed will include human rights, group
  rights, the  treatment of aliens, and international

             CRN# 60558 and 60559

 BUS141 BA62 -  Fundamentals of
 International Business:

  Familiarizes business students with
  international business concepts and
  practices.  Special attention given to
  organizational structure of international
  business; letters of credit; bills of exchange;
  foreign drafts;  technical procedures;
  documentation; foreign, consular, and
  domestic regulations; foreign credits;
  insuring and financing; and exports.
  No prerequisite.


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