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Eastern Campus Educational Technology Unit
Eastern Campus Academic Computing Center
Eastern Campus Academic Skills Center
Educational Technology Unit - Eastern Campus

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Welcome to Instructional Support Services at the Eastern Campus.  Instructional Support Services encompasses both the Educational Technology Unit (ETU) and the Academic Skills Center (ASC).  One of the primary responsibilities of the ETU is the Academic Computing Center (ACC).  The goal of Instructional Support Services is to assist students in being successful in their academic pursuits.  Below is a list of services provided to students at the Eastern Campus:


Computer Labs


A major feature of Instructional Support Services are the computer labs.  There are computer classrooms, an open computer lab and a reading computer lab.  Here, students use software tutorials and self-paced exercises to extend their study options.  Instructors in many disciplines take advantage of Instructional Support Services computer labs by bringing their classes in for additional hands on learning opportunities.




We have tutors available for most courses and you may choose to work 1-on-1 or in small group sessions.  Our English tutors will help you write your best possible paper, including planning, editing and completing the final draft.  Our math tutors can help you understand everything from MA01 through MA88, including Statistics.  Or get tutorial help in Accounting, Graphic Design, Biology, Sociology, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Spanish and Chemistry.


English as a Second Language Lab


The Academic Skills Center also offers its services to students from other countries who are studying to improve their English language skills.  As part of their course assignments students come to the ASC to use audio tapes and computer software that are designed to supplement their classroom work.


Adaptive Technology


The Academic Skills Center has software and hardware that make our computers accessible to students with physical disabilities.  These include screen readers, screen enlargers, voice recognition systems and alternative input devices.