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High School Students Taking Courses On-Campus

High school students are welcome to take courses at The College as a non-matriculate student. Students under the age of 16 must provide a letter of recommendation from their guidance counselor or principal and acquire an Academic Dean at The College's approval prior to registration. Courses taken on-campus are not considered to be offered through the Excelsior Program, and thus students would pay the regular on-campus student tuition rate.  

Prior to registering, students would have to complete an online student admissions application and apply as a non-matriculated student: 


Read all tabs and follow all directions.

The schedule and course selections can be found by clicking on Quick Links (at the top) scrolling down to Class Schedule, selecting the term, and course area. Students should be cognizant of the teaching mode, as on-line courses and traditional classroom courses are offered.  *** R = Thursday, therefore TR means that the course meets on Tuesday and Thursday and MW means Monday and Wednesday.

Each semester, non-matriculated students would need to re-submit their unofficial transcript with the Prerequisite Waiver form.

For questions regarding the registration process feel free to contact the Office of Registrar at the campus you are interested in attending: https://www.sunysuffolk.edu/Students/Registrar.asp