Freshman Seminar Program
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Campus Coordinators


Duties of the coordinators:


*       Represent the campus on the College-wide Freshman Seminar Committee

*       Schedule the freshman seminar courses on the campus

*       Staff the freshman seminar courses on the campus

*       Hire new freshman seminar instructors when needed

*       Organize faculty meetings and workshops for the faculty members

*       Assist in organizing annual faculty certification training

*       Decide textbook and other reading materials for the course


Ammerman Campus:  Nancy Gerli, Assistant Academic Chair, Professor of Reading,

            Islip Arts Building 1G, Ammerman Campus, 451-4716


Grant Campus:  Dawn Tracy-Hanley, Assistant Academic Chair of Communications & Arts, 

Associate Professor Reading, Asharoken Hall 128B, Grant Campus, 851-6468


Eastern Campus:  Faye Lourenso, Academic Chair of Business, Social Science, & Visual

 Arts, Orient Building 121, Eastern Campus, 548-2591



College-wide Freshman Seminar Advisory Committee


Function of the committee:


  • Reviewing learning outcomes and measurable objective for college seminar courses
  • Research current college seminar programs at comparable community colleges
  • Review past and current full-time and adjunct faculty staffing patterns for the past five years
  • Review training and retraining for faculty qualified to teach college seminars
  • Review the effectiveness and efficiency of the semester scheduling of college seminars
  • Prepare an annual report with specific recommendations for changes or further development of college seminar courses




Bernadette Garcia, Academic Chair of Communications & Arts, Professor of EF: ESL, Grant Campus



Jeffrey Pederson, College Dean of Instruction, Ammerman Campus



Kristen Cosentino, Assistant Professor/Counselor, EOP, Eastern Campus



Christine Crowe, Campus Director of College Success, Ammerman Campus



Jennifer Farquhar, Assistant Professor of Library Services, Ammerman Campus



Liz Foley, Educational Technology Specialist, Grant Campus



Joseph Gansrow, Assistant Professor English, Grant Campus



Nancy Gerli, Assistant Academic Chair, Professor of Reading/College Seminar, Ammerman Campus



Roslin Khan, Associate Professor of Foreign Language, Eastern Campus



Anita Leibowitz, Adjunct Instructor, Speech Communications, Ammerman Campus



Faye Lourenso, Academic Chair, Business, Social Sciences & Visual Arts, Eastern Campus




S. Arthur Lundahl, Counselor/Professor, Counseling, Ammerman Campus



Bruce Seger, Instructor of Library Science, Grant Campus



Dawn Tracy-Hanley, Assistant Academic Chair of Communications & Arts, Associate Professor of Reading, Grant Campus



Helen Wittman, Coordinator II - Instructional Technology Support Services, Eastern Campus



Deborah Wolfson, Assistant Professor/Excelsior Program Liaison, Mathematics, Grant Campus