Freshman Seminar Program
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To Students


Dear Student:

Welcome to Suffolk Community College! All beginnings are hard, especially a beginning that you make by yourself, such as your choice to attend college. That's the hardest beginning of all. However, with this choice, you will begin a journey that can lead to great personal and professional success.

The first semester at a college is particularly hard, because you have to adjust to a new learning environment, master new academic skills, and balance a new found freedom with a sense of responsibility as part of the process of enhancing self-knowledge and self-confidence. In order to help you succeed in your first college year, a course has been designed -- Freshman Seminar. This course will introduce you to the methods and techniques for achieving success at the college.

The course is required for all full-time students, and the best time to take the course is in your first semester at the college. By taking the course, you will learn about college procedures and resources, academic advisement, time management, goal-setting, test and note taking, health issues and many other important topics.

People wonder why two students with similar intelligence, backgrounds, and abilities, entering college on the same day might end up at the end of the semester very differently -- one passes and the other fails. Why do students with similar aptitudes perform so differently? More importantly, which of these students is you? Take Freshman Seminar, you will find the answer there. What's more, you will find your door to a bright future is open for you. Let Freshman Seminar lay the first stone on your path to success.