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Continuing your education...

After earning an A.S. degree at SCCC, most of our graduates continue their education toward a bachelor’s degree in social work.  Each year the directors of the four undergraduate Council on Social Work Education accredited social work programs on Long Island meet with our students and invite them to attend the Bachelor of Social Work programs at:

Adelphi University,
C.W. Post,
Molloy College
and Stony Brook University.

The Human Services Program has seamless transfer agreements in place with all four schools.

BSW program directors

 Here's what the directors say about our graduates.

"SCCC Human Service transfer students have consistently been among the best and brightest students who enter the Molloy College Social Work Program. These grads have proven themselves to be academically well-prepared and highly motivated for success. Each year, we invite SCCC Human Service graduates to apply to the Molloy Program because they are proven achievers who are seeking to further their career goals with BSW and MSW degrees.”

Lois A. Carey, PhD, LCSW
Department of Social Work
Molloy College
Rockville Centre, NY

“Adelphi University's School of Social Work has had an important and valuable relationship with Suffolk Community College's Human Services Program for over a decade. Without exception, Human Services graduates are focused on their goal of becoming a social worker, pursue it with diligence, and exhibit values that are consistent with the profession. Through the internship experiences of the Human Services Program, SCC graduates enter the Field Instruction component of Adelphi's BSW program with a degree of sensitivity, skill, awareness, and confidence that sets them apart from other students. Graduates of SCC's Human Services Program have contributed significantly to the quality of Adelphi's BSW Program, and to its reputation in the Greater New York/Long Island region, and beyond.”

James Mullin, M.S.W., D.P.A.

Director of Undergraduate Social Work

Adelphi University

Garden City, NY


“The graduates of the Human Services Program are among the most well prepared students entering Adelphi's School of Social Work at Hauppauge.  Having already had experiences in the field as well as foundation social work classes, these students smoothly transition into Bachelor's level field and class work.  Without exception they continue on to successfully complete the Advanced Standing MSW degree in one additional year.”

Lynne Shulman, LCSW

Director, Social Work Programs

Adelphi University

Hauppauge Center


“It has been a wonderful experience working with SCCC Human Service graduates.  The students enter our BSW program at Stony Brook University School of Social Welfare extremely knowledgeable and grounded in the values of the social work profession. “

Bertha Murphy, LCSW

Director, Undergraduate Program

School of Social Welfare

SUNY Stony Brook, NY


"Our experience is that SCCC Human Services Program graduates are mature, well-prepared and focused. They make some of our best students and are most welcome at our BS in Social Work program at Long Island University, C. W. Post Campus. Transition to our program is smooth thanks to an articulation agreement between the institutions.”


Tzipi Weiss, M.S.W., D.S.W.
Director, Baccalaureate Program
Social Work Department
Long Island University
CW Post Campus
Brookville, NY