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Board of Trustees Policies
 Acceptance of Advertising in Student Publications

Admitting Students into a Degree Program Prior to Graduation from High School

Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedure for Student Claims of Discrimination by a Faculty Member, Administrator, Employee, Guest or Contractor

Code of Ethics of the Student Publications Board

Eligibility for Leadership Roles

Grievance Procedures for Student Publications

Student Immunization Requirements

Student Code of Conduct

Medical Suspension Policy

Student Records Policy

Student Privacy Rights

Admitting Out-of-County Residents into Competitive/Restricted Programs

Approving or Amending Constitutions of Student Publications

Official E-mail and Portal Policy for Students

Policy on Student Organization Websites

Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure - Student against Employee

Information Technology Policies and Guidelines for Students

Student Complaint Resolution Policy

Website Accessibility Policy

♦  Additional Student Life Policies

♦  College Premises Policies