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Entering Students

Placement into Mathematics courses is accomplished in a variety of ways. The primary method is for the entering student to take the SCCC College Placement Test. Based on the combined scores of the arithmetic and algebra portions of this test the student is placed into a mathematics course.

Students wishing to major in mathematics may pursue an Associate's degree, Liberal Arts and Sciences: Mathematics Emphasis (degree program LAMA-AA). This degree is intended to lead to continued studies at a four-year college in mathematics or related fields. SCCC has established joint admissions agreements, as well as articulation agreements, between the Mathematics Department at SCCC and other University's Mathematics Departments. These agreements provide seamless university transfers through joint admissions.

The mathematics major's course requirements center about the three-semester Calculus sequence, Differential Equations (MAT204), Linear Algebra (MAT206), and Language, Logic and Proof (MAT200). In addition, students are required to take a computer science course. For more information, refer to the college catalog or contact the Ammerman Campus Mathematics department.