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All students interested in pursuing a career in music are welcome to enroll in our program.


Our program is open to all and no one is denied admission. Prospective students must contact the department prior to registration to take the music theory placement exam. Students will also be asked to perform one piece on their instrument to determine which applied music teacher they will be assigned to. Students will be asked to play some scales and do some easy sight reading.

Guitarists may audition on classical, electric, or acoustic guitar. While it is preferred that you audition with a classical piece, you may also audition with a jazz chart or a pop/rock song. 

The music theory placement exam covers the following material:

treble and bass clef, major and minor scales and key signatures, intervals, triads, inversions, and rhythm.

Placement exams are held on various dates before each semester.

For more detailed information, please call the Music Department office, 451-4346, to schedule your placement exam and enroll in the program.

Entrance Requirements