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Desktop Phones

How to call forward your phone to voicemail

 Press CFwdALL and enter the extension you want your phone call forward to or 4888 (VM) press again to  release

How to call forward your office phone from home as well as manage your speed dials

 By using the link: http://voice/ccmuser you may call forward office phone from home and manage speed dials

How to use the Directory on your phone  

 Press directories button #4 SCCC "Phone Directories", you may search by first, last name and by extension.

How to use the "Call Park" feature on your phone  

 A call comes in for someone that is not by the phone, press park, (ext. will appear on your screen) locate the

 person and give them the extension (ex:  8050) to dial for retrieval of the call.  

How to transfer a call to someone else's voicemail

 Press "#" + "1" followed by four digit extension - i.e press #19999 on dial pad of phone.

How to have phone moved

 All phone relocations require a relocation request , see link below:

How to change greeting or recorded name

 Access Voice Mail by pressing Message Key, then enter password and follow shortcuts   

 below, then follow prompts. While listening to the Main Menu

     Keys                Task


Change greetings


Turn on/off alternate greeting


Change recorded name

Cell Phones

How to report a lost, stolen, damaged or request a replacement cell phone

 Notify your supervisor immediately,  a service request is required:

How to request new cell phone

 Supervisor approval is required and the College Cellular Telephone policy must be reviewed and signed by

 the individual requesting the cell phone.  In addition Authorization of College Cell Phone Business Use form must  be completed.



How to surrender cell phone

 The surrender of all cell phones must be done personally, with the approval of the supervisor. 

 All surrendered cell phones are required to be personally delivered to the  Riverhead building at the

 Ammerman Campus Room 103.