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Performance Archive



 Fall '18  Cabaret  Laura Ross White
 Fall '18  Crimes Of The Heart  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '18  Two Gentlemen Of Verona  N. Moes
 Spring '18  Cloud 9  Laura Ross White
 Fall '17  That Night Before Christmas  JD Lawrence
 Fall '17  Circle Mirror Transformation  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '17  Oedipus Rex  N. Moes
 Spring '17  Mill Fire  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '16  Bat Boy: The Musical  T. Bavino
 Fall '16  The World Is Good  B. Goldberg-Petty
 Spring '16  Measure for Measure  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '16  She Kills Monsters  B. Goldberg
 Fall '15  The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '15  Eurydice  T. Bovino
 Spring '15  The House of Bernarda Alba  J. Lester
 Spring '15  Pvt. Wars  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '14  Gypsy  T. Bovino
 Fall '14

 Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

 B. Goldberg
 Spring '14  The Shrew: An Adaptation by Charles Marowitz  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '14  Marisol  B. Goldberg
 Fall '13  Rabbit Hole  B. Goldberg
 Fall '13  HAIR - The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '13  Tartuffe  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '13  This is Our Youth  J. Lester
 Fall '12  Extremities  T. Bovino
 Fall '12  The Foreigner
 S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '12  As You Like It  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '12 Talking With...
 C. Wittreich
 Fall '11  Autumn Run
 J. Goldberg
 Fall '11  Spring Awakening
 M. Danvers
 Spring '11  The Icarus Project  M. Danvers, A. Wittkamper and C. Wittreich
 Spring '11  The Shape of Things  T. Bovino
 Fall '10  The Man Who Came to Dinner  M. Danvers
 Fall '10  Down the Road
 S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '10  Seascape  T. Bovino
 Spring '10  Cyrano de Bergerac  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '09
 Fool For Love  J. Lester
 Fall '09  Once Upon A Mattress  T. Bovino
 Spring '09  The Glass Menagerie  C. Wittreich
 Spring '09  Caesar, an adaptation of Julius Caesar     J. Lester
 Fall '08  An Order of Durang With a Side of Ives  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '08  Forgery  C. Wittreich
 Spring '08  Proof  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '08  The Tempest  V. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '08  Runaways  C. Wittreich
 Fall '07  Stop Kiss  J. Lester
 Fall '07  Into The Woods  T. Bovino
 Spring '07  The Skin of Our Teeth

 M. D'Elia

 Spring '07  Arabian Nights  M. Danvers
 Fall '06  The Rocky Horror Show  S. Lantz-Gefroh 
 Fall '06  Odysseus Died from AIDS  J. Lester
 Spring '06  Twelfth Night  T. Christensen
 Spring '06  Waiting For Godot  M. D'Elia
 Fall '05  Boys of Winter  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '05  Women On Fire  C. Wittreich
 Fall '05  All My Sons  J. Lester
 Spring '05  Imaginary Invalid  M. D'Elia
 Spring '05  Angels in America Part I: Perestroika  J. Lester
 Fall '04  St. Crispin's Day  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '04  The Fantasticks  M. Danvers
 Fall '04  The Sins of The Mother  M. D'Elia
 Spring '04  Metamorphoses  Biesinger
 Spring '04  Hot L Baltimore  M. D'Elia and C. Wittreich
 Fall '03  A Midwinter Night's Dream  Biesinger
 Fall '03  Heathen Valley  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '03  Lysistrata  D.E. Miller
 Spring '03  Bent  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '02  Guys and Dolls  T. Bovino and C. Wittreich
 Fall '02  The Laramie Project  H. Novick
 Spring '02  American Buffalo and Vanities (Repertory)  S. Lantz-Gefroh and M. D'Elia
 Spring '02  S.S. Glencairn  D.E. Miller
 Spring '02  Noah  B. Baird
 Fall '01  Godspell  C. Wittreich
 Fall '01  The Rose of Treason  H. Novick
 Fall '01  Spoon River Anthology  T. Bovino
 Spring '01  The School for Scandal  M. D'Elia and C. Wittreich
 Spring '01  Dancing At Lughnasa  Russo
 Fall '00  The Secret Garden  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '00  Biloxi Blues  D.E. Miller
 Fall '00  Fool For Love  S. Johnson
 Spring '00  Julius Caesar  R. Johnson
 Spring '00  The Children's Hour  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '99  A View from the Bridge  D.E. Miller
 Fall '99  A Funny Thing Happened on the Forum  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '99  The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince of Denmark  R. Johnson
 Spring '99  The Glass Menagerie  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Fall '98  Dames at Sea  D.E. Miller
 Fall '98  Lost In Yonkers  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '98  Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me  S. Lantz-Gefroh
 Spring '98  Falsettos at SUNY, Buffalo
 H. Novick
 Fall '97  Paraffin Touch  D.E. Miller
 Fall '97  Measure for Measure
 R. Johnson
 Fall '97  Falsettos  H. Novick and Rob Monaco
 Spring '97  Censored on Final Approach  Harriette Novick
 Spring '97  Twelfth Night  R. Johnson
 Spring '97  ‘Dentity Crisis  
 Fall '96  Six Degrees of Separation  H. Novick
 Fall '96  Romance/Romance  Thompson
 Spring '96  The Scarlet Letter  R. Johnson
 Spring '96  You’re Gonna Love Tomorrow
 D.E. Miller
 Fall '95  Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf  H. Novick
 Fall '95  The Learned Ladies  R. Johnson
 Spring '95  Cat On A Hot Tin Roof  D.E. Miller
 Spring '95  A Midsummer’s Night Dream  R. Johnson
 Spring '95  The Outsiders  Bonna Tebo Hays
 Fall '94  Lakeview  H. Novick
 Fall '94  This Lady’s Not For Burning  
 Fall '94  All In The Timing  J.M DeSario
 Fall '94  Inherit the Wind  
 Spring '94  Marvin’s Room  H. Novick
 Spring '94  The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man In the Moon on Marigolds  B. Baird and Goodman
 Spring '94  The Women of Tennessee Williams  D.E. Miller
 Spring '94  Much Ado About Nothing  R. Johnson
 Fall '93  A Few Good Men  W. Pevey
 Fall '93  The Sweet Hereafter (Reader’s Theatre)  H. Novick
 Fall '93  The Fantastiks  R. Johnson
 Fall '93  Brighton Beach Memoirs  D.E. Miller
 Spring '93  Temptations (Dance Program)  M. Hertzson
 Spring '93  Night Must Fall (Brentwood Campus)
 M. Goodman
 Spring '93  House of Bernarda Alba  B. Baird
 Spring '93  Tartuffe  D.E. Miller
 Fall '92  A Lie of The Mind  H. Novick
 Fall '92  Sganarelle (Brentwood Campus)  S. Portmire
 Fall '92  How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
 B. Hays
 Fall '92  The Foreigner  R. Johnson
 Fall '92  Pillow Talk, Lynette at 3:00 a.m., and The Interrogation  D.E. Miller
 Summer '92  The Foreigner  M. Loney
 Spring '92  Rick’s Place (Dance program based on Casablanca)  L. Rocke
 Spring '92  Macbeth  R. Johnson
 Spring '92  Laundry and Bourbon  D.E. Miller
 Spring '92  Evita (Brentwood Campus)  W. Pevey
 Fall '91  The House of Blue Leaves  D.E. Miller
 Fall '91  Our Town (Brentwood Campus)  B. Hays
 Fall '91  As Is  H. Novick
 Spring '91  Steel Magnolia’s  D.E. Miller
 Spring '91  The Odd Couple – Female Version  J. DeSario
 Spring '91  The Oresteia  B. Baird
 Spring '91  The Bald Soprano and Kamikaze
 Fall '90  A Streetcar Named Desire  W. Pevey
 Fall '90  Man of La Mancha  D.E. Miller
 Summer '90  A Streetcar Named Desire  W. Pevey
 Spring '90  Duck Variations  D.E. Miller
 Spring '90  Cannibals  B. Baird
 Spring '90  Hopscotch  D.E. Miller
 Spring '90  The Merry Wives of Windsor (Grant Campus)  R. Johnson
 Fall '89  Mass Appeal  H. Novick
 Fall '89  Agnes of God  H. Novick
 Fall '89  The Matchmaker  G. Wynn
 Spring '89  Crimes of the Heart  G. Wynn
 Spring '89  Romeo and Juliet  R. Johnson
 Spring '89  Bedtime Story (Brentwood Campus)  P. McCloskey   
 Fall '88  Between Mouthfuls (From Confusions)  B. Baird
 Fall '88  Little Shop of Horrors  D.E. Miller
 Fall '88  All My Sons  H. Novick
 Fall '88  Macbeth (One hour version)  G. Wynn
 Spring '88  Present Tense  
 Spring '88  True West  H. Novick
 Spring '88  Trifles  M. Goodman
 Spring '88  As You Like It  R. Johnson
 Spring '88  The Marriage Proposal  G. Wynn
 Fall '87  After Magritte  B. Baird
 Fall '87  The American Century (Dance)  L. Rocke
 Fall '87  The Shadow Box  D.E. Miller
 Fall '87  The Flattering Word  M. Goodman
 Fall '87  Charley’s Aunt  W. Pevey
 Spring '87  Plaza Suite  S. Cox
 Spring '87  Inherit The Wind  H. Novick and R. Johnson
 Spring '87  ’Dentity Crisis and Suppressed Desires  M. Goodman
 Spring '87  Miss Julie  R. Johnson
 Fall '86  Overruled and How He Lied to Her Husband  B. Baird
 Fall '86  Best Little Whorehouse in Texas  W. Pevey
 Spring '86  Dogg’s Hamlet & Others Play (Actor’s Nightmare)  D.E. Miller
 Spring '86  Everyman  B. Baird and Thompson
 Spring '86  The Miser  R. Johnson
 Fall '85  When You Comin’ Back, Red Ryder  H. Novick
 Fall '85  The Mousetrap  M. Goodman
 Fall '85  Dog Accident  D.E. Miller
 Summer '85  The Good Doctor     S. Cox
 Spring '85  Something’s Afoot  D.E. Miller
 Spring '85  Comedy of Errors  R. Johnson
 Spring '85  Arms of the Man  

 Fall '84

 Talking With  D.E. Miller
 Fall '84  Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?  H. Novick
 Spring '84  Carousel  R. Johnson
 Spring '84  Many Moons  M. Goodman
 Spring '84  The Boor  M. Finlayson
 Spring '84  The Village Wooing  M. Finlayson
 Fall '83  Poor Players (Original Student Production)  J. DeVita
 Fall '83  Buried Child  H. Novick
 Fall '83  Rehearsals at Versailles and The Flying Doctor  R. Johnson
 Spring '83  Acrobats and Line  H. Novick
 Spring '83  Razzmatazz And All That Jazz  L. Rocke
 Spring '83  Appointment With Death  S. Cox
 Spring '83  Butterflies Are Free  D.E. Miller
 Spring '83  Story Theatre  D.E. Miller
 Fall '82  Adolescent Blues  M. Brothers
 Fall '82  Henry IV, Part I  R. Johnson
 Summer '82  The Red Shoes  R. Short
 Summer '82  Habeas Corpus  D.E. Miller
 Spring '82  Vanities  S. Cox
 Spring '82  Equus  H. Novick
 Spring '82  Spoon River Anthology (Reader’s Theatre)  T. Bovino

 Fall '81

 Love Is, Life Is  H. Novick
 Fall '81  Orpheus and Maid to Marry  B. Baird
 Fall '81  Godspell  K. Hickson
 Fall '81  Oedipus Rex  R. Johnson
 Summer '81  The Amorous Flea  D.E. Miller
 Summer '81  Androcles and the Lion  D.E. Miller
 Spring '81  Blithe Spirit  R. Johnson
 Spring '81  La Ronde  D.E. Miller
 Fall '80  California Suite  D.E. Miller
 Fall '80  The Tempest  S. Cox
 Fall '80  A Separate Peace  H. Novick
 Fall '80  Cowboy Mouth  H. Novick
 Summer '80  She Stoops to Conquer  R. Johnson
 Spring '80  Madwomen of Chaillot  H. Novick
 Spring '80  As You Like It (One hour version)  S. Cox
 Spring '80  Cinderella (Dance)  L. Rocke
 Fall '79  Beckett One Acts  H. Novick
 Fall '79  The Celebration  M. McCloskey
 Fall '79  A Marriage Proposal  M. McCloskey
 Fall '79  Company  D.E. Miller
 Spring '79  Unsatisfactory Supper
 Student Directed
 Spring '79  Mooney’s Kids Don’t Cry
 Student Directed
 Spring '79  The Last 100 Years of American Song and Dance  L. Rocke
 Spring '79  Scapino  D.E. Miller
 Fall '78  The Maids  D.E. Miller
 Fall '78  Ghosts  S. Cox
 Fall '78  Taming of the Shrew

 R. Johnson

 Summer '78  Taming of the Shrew  R. Johnson
 Spring '78  Alice in Wonderland  
 Spring '78  Electra  R. Barrett
 Spring '78  Importance of Being Earnest  D.E. Miller
 Spring '78  Waiting for Lefty  H. Novick
 Fall '77  Bye-Bye Birdie  R. Johnson
 Fall '77  Yankees 3 – Detroit 0/Top of the 7th  D.E. Miller
 Fall '77  The Good Doctor  S. Cox
 Fall '77  Death of a Salesman  H. Novick
 Fall '77  Lovers and Other Strangers (Brentwood Campus)  D.E. Miller
 Summer '77  Midsummer Night’s Dream  S. Cox
 Spring '77  Twelfth Night (One hour version)  R. Johnson
 Spring '77  Antigone  S. Cox
 Spring '77  Butterflies Are Free  D.E. Miller
 Fall '76  Rindercella  B. Baird
 Fall '76  Man With Flower and Save Me a Place  D.E. Miller
 Fall '76  Twelve Pound Look and Rivers To The Sea  R. Johnson
 Fall '76  One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest  H. Novick
 Summer '76  1776  W. Pevey
 Spring '76  The Crucible  R. Johnson
 Spring '76  Next Please/Hello Mr. Diaz/Mr. Schwartz (Student written)
 D.E. Miller
 Spring '76  Johnny Appleseed  S. Cox
 Fall '75  The Fantastiks  D.E. Miller
 Fall '75  Fumed Oak  B. Baird
 Fall '75  The Dumb Waiter  W. Pevey
 Fall '75  All The Way Home  H. Novick
 Summer '75  The Fantasticks (East end tour)  R. Johnson
 Spring '75  Long War Forgotten  D. Cox
 Spring '75  The Lark  D. E. Miller
 Spring '75  Back Up Slow/Talk Like Flo  H. Novick
 Spring '75  Miss Julie
 Student Directed
 Spring '75  Pinnochio  R. Johnson? S. Cox?
 Fall '74  Cabaret  H. Novick
 Fall '74  Crawling Arnold  D. E. Miller
 Fall '74  Overtones  M. Goodman
 Fall '74  Arsenic and Old Lace  S. Cox
 Summer '74  Cabaret  J.M. DeSario
 Spring '74  Four From the Tablet Armchair  Barbara Baird
 Spring '74  Antigone  Tony Martone and Ivan Sanders
 Spring '74  The Miracle Worker  S. Cox
 Spring '74  Folk Tale Theatre  H. Novick
 Fall '73  A Thurber Carnival  R. Britton
 Fall '73  The Doctor In Spite of Himself  R. Johnson
 Fall '73  The Second Shepherd’s Play  M. Goodman
 Fall '73  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
 D.E. Miller
 Summer '73  The Doctor In Spite of Himself  R. Johnson
 Spring '73  The Birthday Party  S. Cox
 Spring '73  Picnic on the Battlefield  H. Stevens
 Spring '73  You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown  D. Cox
 Spring '73  The Veldt  B. Baird
 Fall '72  Little Murders  M. Goodman
 Fall '72  Mother Courage  R. Johnson
 Fall '72  Love is Nowhere (Reader’s theatre)  R. Britton
 Fall '72  Barefoot In The Park  D.E. Miller
 Spring '72  Sunday Cost Five Pesos  S. Cox
 Spring '72  Finians Rainbow
 H. Novick
 Spring '72  The Wise Men and the Elephant  M. Goodman
 Fall '71  Lysistrata  D.E. Miller
 Fall '71  Mooney’s Kids Don’t Cry  H. Novick
 Fall '71  This Property Condemned  H. Novick
 Fall '71
 Night Must Fall  R. Johnson
 Summer '71  Lysistrata  D.E. Miller
 Spring '71  Slow Dance On The Killing Ground  M. Goodman
 Spring '71  Under the Sycamore Tree  Aday
 Spring '71  The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus  B. Baird
 Fall '70  Androcles and the Lion  D.E. Miller
 Fall '70  In Celebration  W. Pevey
 Summer '70  Thieves’ Carnival  B. Baird
 Spring '70  The Glass Menagerie  Aday
 Spring '70  Twelfth Night  D.E. Miller
 Fall '69  Rhinoceros  W. Pevey
 Fall '69  Let’s Get Together   H. Novick
 Fall '69  A Midsummer’s Night Dream
 Summer '69  The American Dream  W. Pevey
 Summer '69  The New Tenant  W. Pevey
 Summer '69  Mandragola  D.E. Miller
 Spring '69  Literature Come Alive  H. Novick, Zwible and Bowens
 Spring '69  Loot  W. Pevey
 Fall '68  The Thirteen Clocks  G. Aday
 Fall '68  “O”
 D. Cox
 Spring '68  The Firebugs  D.E. Miller
 Spring '68  The Boyfriend  A. Giordano
 Spring '68  A Midsummer’s Night Dream
 Fall '67  The Impossible Years  A. Giordano
 Fall '67  Two Pails of Water  L. Richards
 Summerl '67  She Loves Me
 A. Giordano
 Spring '67  Antigone  A. Giordano
 Spring '67  The Telephone  B. Bordeau
 Spring '67  The Medium  B. Bordeau
 Spring '67  Oh, Dad, Poor Dad, Mamas Hung You in the Closet  B. Bordeau
 Fall '66  Cock-a-doodle Dandy  D.E. Miller
 Summer '66  Waiting for Godot  B. Bordeau
 Spring '66  Look Homeward, Angel  B. Bordeau
 Fall '65  Suffolkation  
 Fall '65  The Hostage