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Welcome to Student Engagement through Informed Support (SEIS), Suffolk County Community College's new Title III project. The goal of SEIS is to dramatically improve student success at the College.
SEIS will engage and support students by electronically enabling enrollment and admissions, reorganizing and improving faculty academic advising, instituting an academic early warning and intervention system, developing repositories of online learning objects for 20 high-enrollment gateway courses, and unifying on-line and in-person student support resources through a Virtual Learning Commons. Each component of the activity is designed to boost student engagement and increase academic success, persistence, and retention. SEIS will transform the way students enroll, are counseled and advised, receive support, and communicate with the College. It will impact every student, faculty member, and support services provider on all three campuses.
SEIS aims to increase successful course completion rates, fall-to-spring persistence rates and fall-to-fall retention rates, and student engagement.