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                    Business Management Courses                    
The following information provides a brief description of the Business Management training programs offered through the Corporate Training Center.  Variations and customization of specific courses may be created based on customer requirements.


Supervisory Skills
Designed to develop an employees understanding and practice of the basic supervisory and communications skills required in the workplace. This course provides the basis for better decision making and management on the part of either new or experienced supervisors. The use of techniques learned will allow the employee to better deal with situations occurring in the workplace and provide more confidence in making decisions.

Advanced Communications Package
This grouping of courses may be taken separately or as a bundle. Designed to improve overall communications skills, both verbal and written, these courses target the areas of written business communications and presentation skills that are vital to your business. These courses are complimented with a brief hands-on review of both Microsoft™ WORD and PowerPoint as they pertain to the skills learned in the previous two courses. The Courses that comprise the Advanced Communications Package are:
-Executive Business Writing 
-Executive Presentation Skills
-Computer Applications for Executive Communications

Business Writing
Designed to support the writing skills necessary in business today, this course emphasizes the use of proper grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary in writing business letters, memos and reports. Hands-on writing assignments will be used to re-enforce the techniques discussed in class. Discussion of personal style as it relates to the written document will be discussed and utilized in writing assignments.

Time Management
Learn to manage your time more effectively, eliminate time wasters and develop a plan for accomplishing your objectives in a timely fashion. Students will discuss their individual issues affecting their day to day activate and develop a plan to better manage their daily activities.

Stress Management

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, but learning to control it and use it to your advantage can be  a positive force in the business environment. Students will identify stress in both their business and personal lives, discuss what can be controlled and how to cope with it.



Diverse points of view, cultural orientation, insights and perspectives can breathe new life into your business. Both cultural and sexual diversity in the workplace will be discussed and examined. The key element is realizing that cultural diversity is an advantage in the workplace and the benefits derived from a multi-faceted workforce will be explored as will the methods and considerations of dealing with people of different backgrounds.


Communications Skills

Designed to improve personal verbal communication both on and off the job. Beginning with the communication process, the course will explore topics such as forms and types of communication, barriers to effective communication and guidelines for effective communication. The course will also examine, giving feedback and proper questioning techniques. Students will learn to handle difficult situations and people from a communications perspective.  Course is usually delivered in 2-3 hour segments.