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The Corporate Training Center has partnered with  Achieve Global TM  to  provide a comprehensive Leadership program for our corporate clients. Through their proven methodology we will provide world class solutions designed to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization, and support their business needs and growth objectives. These courses are targeted for employee and supervisory management personnel and may be taken in any sequence.


Coaching Others for Top Performance TM (2-day workshop)

Our coaching skills workshop explores the principles and qualities of genuine leadership and focuses on developing skills that can help participants perform daily coaching activities. This workshop provides participants with the necessary skills to build constructive relationships that gain a stronger commitment to improving performance and achieving results.

Modules include:

• Module 1: The Principles and Qualities of Genuine Leadership®: Manager’s Version 

• Module 2: Providing Constructive Feedback TM 

• Module 3: Developing Others TM 

• Module 4: Giving Recognition TM 


Activating Change TM: Manager Version (11/2-day workshop)

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, and team leaders who must build change capability in their employees and the overall organization. This workshop provides participants with a set of practices and tools to develop the confidence and flexibility their employees need to contribute to constant organizational change.

The workshop is delivered in three units, either consecutively over a day and a half or as three half-day sessions:

• Hallmark 1: “Activate capability” introduces participants to four practices that activate change capability.

• Hallmark 2: “Communicate for results” involves two practices that work together dynamically to inspire dialogue that promotes action and results.

• Hallmark 3: “Monitor mechanics and mood” looks at four practices to show commitment to making change happen and to help others make the transition successfully.



Managing the Performance of Others TM (2-day workshop)

As the manager, supervisor, or leader of a work group or team, performance leaders help others do the work that ultimately makes an organization successful. Performance leaders are responsible for guiding and directing the performance of their employees. To accomplish this, they must ensure employee performance aligns with the direction and strategy of the organization. This workshop focuses on the performance management aspects of a manager’s role. The skills taught in this workshop help participants prepare for and conduct different types of performance-related discussions.

Modules include:

• Module 1: Planning for Performance Discussions TM 

• Module 2: Clarifying Performance Expectations TM 

• Module 3: Correcting Performance Problems TM 

• Module 4: Conducting Performance Reviews TM 


Accelerating Team Productivity TM (2-day workshop)

Today’s teams are expected to produce more than ever before, faster than ever before. Leaders are faced with the dilemma of developing enhanced teamwork along shorter and shorter timelines. As a result, this workshop is designed to help leaders focus teams on key results and outputs, build energy and momentum toward achieving goals, negotiate on their team’s behalf, and handle difficult dynamics within a team that impact performance.

Modules include:

• Module 1: Building Team Pride and Purpose TM 

• Module 2: Developing Team Agility: Day-to-Day Tools TM 

• Module 3: Resolving Conflicts Within Your Team TM 

• Module 4: Negotiating Resources for Your Team TM 


Maximizing Your Supervisory Potential TM (1-day workshop)

As a result of the business environment in which they operate, new—and even tenured—supervisors frequently find themselves performing an awkward and uncomfortable organizational balancing act. They must strive every day to balance elements of their job responsibilities.

Modules include:

• Module 1: The Hallmarks of Supervisory Success TM 

• Module 2: Delegating for Shared Success TM